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Boarders' Health and Wellbeing

Boarders' health and wellbeing stamfordMedical treatment and first aid

All policies relating to the care of Boarders when they are unwell are available on request; individual house handbooks give further details.

There is a designated sick bay for Boarders who are unwell, where they can be separate from other Boarders. The sick bays are supervised by staff throughout the day when Boarders are being cared for there.

All Full and most 5 Night Boarders are registered with a General Practitioner at St Mary’s Surgery, Wharf Road, Stamford. Two doctors are the medical officers responsible for pupils at St Michael’s, Welland, Park and Wothorpe and for Byard and Browne respectively. They are also the School Medical Officers, responsible for advising on matters connected with the health of Boarders, including those with chronic conditions.

They hold regular surgeries on the school site, for which Boarders can make their own appointments if they wish.

Three-night Boarders and flexi-Boarders remain registered with their family doctor, but have emergency access to medical and dental care if required.

Any urgent treatment can be obtained from the surgery or a visit by the Doctor, and Boarders are always escorted to the surgery. All Boarders have the right to see the Doctor alone, and any boarder over 16 may choose a GP from another practice if they wish.

Each school has trained medical staff on duty during the school day, who advise house staff on the care of sick Boarders.

All house staff receive training in the administration of medicines. Prescribed and “household” medication is kept securely in the boarding house, and a written record is kept of all medication, treatment and first aid administered to Boarders. Likewise written records are kept of all significant illnesses, accidents or injuries to Boarders.

Parents are asked to give permission in advance for the administration of first aid and appropriate non-prescription medication to their children, and to seek medical, dental, optometric and other specialist treatment when required. Every effort is made to keep parents fully informed if their child requires medical aid.


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