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Boarders' Welfare

stamford boarders' welfareBoarders' Induction

Because the first days and weeks of boarding life are so important in ensuring that the boarding experience is a positive one, we take great care in ensuring every new boarder receives a full induction and guidance.

Before a prospective boarder joins the community, they are encouraged to visit the House, meet the staff and some of the Boarders. We offer taster “overnights” for those who wish to experience what being a boarder means.

Wherever possible, close contact between the Houseparents and the new Boarding family is established early on, and prospective pupils can be put in contact with current Boarders.

Boarders who are new at the start of the academic year follow the induction procedure together, and are encouraged to seek help and advice from older Boarders, gap students or members of staff. Boarders who join at other times are generally paired with a “buddy” who will contribute to the settling–in process. Flexi or short-term Boarders are always given a briefing by the Houseparent prior to or on their first evening in the House and are also paired with a “buddy”.

Each House keeps a record of the induction process, and staff ensure every new boarder has a copy of the relevant handbook and the “Worries and Concerns” leaflet.

Further details are to be found in the individual House Handbooks and are also available on request.


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