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Sixth Form

Business Studies

business studies The Nature of the Course

Business Studies A Level examines the impact of real world issues on a wide range of businesses through discussion and the use of case studies. Business Studies has become a popular course and is viewed as a useful broadening partner with a number of other A Level subjects.

Special Features

Business Studies provides an effective introduction to the behaviour of business organisations. In studying the subject, students explore how businesses work. Students investigate the key functions of business and learn to appreciate the importance of the competitive and economic environment in which it operates. At a higher level, students learn how to become independent learners and to analyse business performance in the context of less defined objectives and strategies.

Whether you work for yourself or somebody else, everything you learn in Business Studies will be relevant to you in the coming years. The nature of the course and methods of teaching help to equip students with a range of academic and practical skills which universities and employers seek. These will include:

• High level critical thinking skills in business scenarios.
• Strong inter-personal skills through group work activities.
• Industry-standard ICT skills, including internet research.
• Presentation skills.
• The ability to hold a well-informed argument.

Business Studies is taught through the careful reading and application of case studies drawn from the real world. Students are encouraged to read widely, listen to Radio 4 and to develop a critical appreciation of current affairs exploring the subject from both a classroom perspective and one removed from it. The course includes a variety of approaches: lectures from visiting business speakers, involvement in national business competitions and management simulations, a trip to a large manufacturing organisation which can be contrasted to the small manufacturer of a teenage magazine publisher in New York, our annual optional overseas trip.

Skills Demanded and Developed

Students need to have a good standard of English and Mathematics at GCSE. It is essential to also have a keen desire to explore the subject and to engage with it. Students are expected to work efficiently and effectively because the course covers a significant amount of material. The ability to be self-motivated is very important.

Business Studies offers full coverage of communication, information technology and application of number. A variety of teaching techniques helps students to focus on their development of key skills as a natural part of the course. There is plenty of scope within the course to develop a range of key skills to an advanced level.

Careers and Higher Education Implications

The knowledge and skills developed during the course will be a valuable foundation for all career opportunities. When combined with other suitable A Levels, Business Studies can be used to gain entry for all degree level courses at all British Universities except those which have specific vocational requirements.

Whilst Business Studies can be combined with almost all other A Level subjects it is not advised that any student in the Endowed Schools takes it in combination with Economics because of the perceived overlap between course contents.

Many of our students go on to study Management, Business or related subjects such as Accountancy at degree level. However, a number choose to study unrelated subjects ranging from History and English through to the Sciences.

Strong A-Level Combinations

History, English, Philosophy and Ethics
Maths, Geography, Politics
Maths, Physics, Chemistry

Possible Further Study and Degree Courses

Social Sciences/Arts degrees
Social Science degree courses
Science degree courses


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