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Stamford School

Child Safeguarding Policy

The Child Safeguarding Policy sets out how the SES governing body discharges its statutory responsibilities relating to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children who are students at the school and can be downloaded below.

The following information is available to parents of current and prospective pupils from the School offices and on Insight: 

  • particulars of the school’s policy on and arrangements for admissions,
  • policy on discipline and exclusions;
  • particulars of education and welfare provision for pupils with statements of special educational needs and English as an additional language;
  • particulars of the curriculum policy under Regulation 1.(2);
  • particulars of the welfare, health and safety policy under Regulation 3.(2);
  • particulars of academic performance during the preceding year, including the results of public examinations;
  • complaints procedure and the number of complaints registered under the formal procedure during the preceding school year;
  • the number of staff, including temporary staff, and their qualifications

To contact the School: S.C. Roberts M.A., The Principal, Stamford Endowed Schools, Brazenose House, St Paul’s Street, Stamford, Lincs, PE9 2BE.

To contact the Chairman of Governors: Dr. M. Dronfield at the address above.


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