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Sixth Form

Design Technology - Product Design

product designThe Nature of the Course

The course will build upon the skills developed at GCSE, particularly in Product Design and Resistant Materials, but also in Systems and Control and Graphics. It is expected that students taking the course will be problem solvers who have a good range of drawing skills and are able to work in a range of materials.

Special Features

Although there will be important written examinations, the department takes a strong approach to teaching and learning based on practical work, believing that this provides a diverse and challenging course. Students build a portfolio of coursework covering their research, design, development, manufacture and evaluation.

The portfolio is likely to cover a range of individual tasks and the practical work will be based on a design and manufacture project, supported by a substantial design folder. Students will need to identify a challenging problem to solve, or a worthwhile opportunity to address.

The following sample shows the variety of tasks that could contribute to a portfolio:

• Research essay on nature and design
• Presentation on a famous designer
• Design
• Marker sketching
• Hand held models
• Manufacture
• Lighting
• Flat pack furniture
• Evaluation
• Dismantling and analysis of household products

The written papers are likely to require the study of materials, manufacturing process, environmental issues, product development and design in society.

Careers and Higher Education Implications

Many students take the subject to give breadth to their studies and it is a popular combination accepted at all universities.  Those who follow design courses find a high number if employment opportunities in the design industry, which covers every area of our lives. British designers are considered to be the best in the world and there are many career opportunities abroad as well as in this country. 

Strong A level Combinations            

Business Studies     
Modern Languages

Possible Further Study and Degree Courses

Architecture Product Design Graphic Design 
Aeronautical Engineering Computer graphics and animation Furniture
Advertising Civil Engineering Interior Design
Mechanical Engineering Automotive design  Theatre Design


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