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Provision for Pupils with Particular Needs 

Religious Needs

The Stamford Endowed Schools are a Christian Foundation.

All full boarders attend Chapel at Stamford School each Sunday morning. 

In addition there is an evening service once a term. Regular assemblies are held at each school, and attendance at other services for particular festivals often takes place.

If a Boarder’s faith requires other provision, those needs would be discussed with the individual families and every reasonable effort made to ensure the provision.

Dietary Needs

Parents are asked to inform the Houseparents of any particular dietary needs. The Catering department at the Stamford Endowed Schools will always provide appropriate food to comply with those needs.

Staff and pupils eat together thus ensuring a low-key awareness of boarders’ eating habits, and discuss any concerns with the pupil to ensure their eating habits are as healthy as possible. More serious concerns are addressed in consultation with the relevant Head of Boarding and Pastoral staff.

Language Needs

We welcome boarders of all nationalities. Individual language needs are addressed through the EAL department, the Directors of Teaching’ and Learning and other relevant staff. If necessary the  study programme for an individual student is adapted to take their language needs into consideration. All of this takes place in full consultation with the Boarder and their family.

Cultural Needs 

Every effort is made to meet the differing cultural needs of the boarding pupils. Festivals, such as the Chinese New Year, are celebrated and, if possible, other cultural traditions are embraced.

The schools celebrate the opportunity for all its boarders to experience the cultures and traditions
of other nationalities and faiths.


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