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Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy 

(a summary)

The Endowed Schools have a Safeguarding Children and Young People policy, which includes procedures in response to allegations or suspicions of abuse. All staff and adults working at the school are made aware of the policy on an annual basis and it forms part of the induction programme for new staff. Older Boarders in positions of responsibility are also made aware of the content of the policy and to whom they should speak if any concerns are raised with them.

Each school has a trained Designated Person responsible for the safeguarding policy and Records Bureau checks before taking up their appointments.

Boarding staff are also given clear guidelines regarding their own behaviour within the House.

Use of Computers

Use of ICT in any part of SES is governed by the principle that it should be for educational purposes only. Parents and pupils sign an Acceptable Uses Policy on entry to the school. Outside school hours Boarders may of course use the email facilities to contact parents and friends,  and use the computers for recreational purposes according to the guidance given, as long as this does not prevent another student using them for their school work.

Students may bring their own personal devices into the Boarding Houses only if they follow the procedures set out below:

  • Personal devices are brought to school at the owner’s risk
  • Devices may only be used at the designated times (see individual House rules)
  • If devices are used for non-academic purposes, then this should be outside designated prep times, with the full agreement of others in the dorm, and only age appropriate material should be viewed
  • Prior to network access being granted, parents/guardians must have signed the appropriate permission in a letter provided by the ICT department
  • Students and houseparents must also complete the required agreement
  • Any breach of the policy and procedures could result in the privilege of being allowed to have a device at the Boarding House being lost temporarily or permanently


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