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Sports Centre

Sports and Activities 

Stamford Sports Camp is proud to partner with local sports clubs and coaches, as well as SES employees. For more information on the clubs and coaches for the Sports Camp activities this summer please below.

karate stamfordBasketball

During the coaching sessions, your child will be guided through basic warm up and stretching along with dribbling/shooting and game situations. They will take away some fundamental skills that will improve their existing knowledge of the game as well as help them to enjoy basketball.


We will touch on the basics of badminton, the differences between single and doubles, perform different types of shots and then have round robins of small individual and team games.


We will focus on the three fundamental elements of cricket: batting, bowling and fielding. Throughout the session there will be opportunities to put skills into action in enjoyable game environments. 

karate stamfordFencing 

Those attending the session will be given and introduction to the basics of fencing using 'metal' fencing weapons (Epees) and we plan to have everyone actually having fencing matches by the end of the session.  


The days will be packed full of learning new skills, knock out games, fun & games!

Suitable for participants of all abilities – from complete beginners to experienced players! Individuals will learn new skills in a fun, relaxed environment. 


Within the sessions all players will learn and refine basic skills of the game, with a particular focus on the speed of which the skill is executed. Elimination skills, defending, shooting and game play will be the themes of all sessions, with the older players looking to apply specific indoor tactics to game play.

hockey stamford sports campKarate 

Sensei Jason Horne has studied Karate since a young age, during his session students will learn the 3 rules of focus whilst practising Karate blocks, the session will be fast paced, fun and interactive whilst learning practical karate.

Netball, Athletics, Rounders and Dodgeball

The netball sessions will include an introduction to netball, learning skills that can then be added into different games. Athletics will involve sessions looking at throwing, catching and running. Rounders will start with an introduction of throwing and catching which will then be used in a game. The dodgeball sessions will involve learning about the rules or re-capping them, which will then be developed into game situations. 

Table Tennis

There will be a selection of games, drills and activities to develop shot making and enjoyment of the game. These activities will reflect the age and experience of the children.

hockey stamford sports campTrampolining 

Children will be taught how to trampoline safely and will learn the basic skills of trampolining. Groups sizes are kept small and all children will receive coaching as opposed to supervision. Trampolining is overseen by a specialist high performance trampoline coach and each group will be assigned a leader to ensure they enjoy the trampoline section of the summer camp with us.


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