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Types of Scholarship

Candidates may apply for any scholarship upon point of entry provided the application criteria are met. There are also later opportunities to gain a scholarship once a child becomes a pupil at the schools. All scholarships may be supplemented to 100% of the fees, subect to means testing.

Academic Scholarships are awarded for academic merit based on performance in the entrance assessments.

Music Scholarships will be awarded to students who demonstrate particular promise and aptitude for music.

Art Scholarships are given to students with a high level of artistic ability evidenced by a portfolio of work supplied by the candidates.

Drama Scholarships are awarded for dramatic and creative ability and a demonstrable love of drama.

Sports Scholarships recognise candidates who demonstrate a commitment to and potential in sport.

All-rounder Scholarships are awarded to boys and girls who combine a strong performance in the entrance exam with clear potential in one or more of the following categories: music, drama, sport, art and design and school or community leadership.

We welcome any questions so please don’t hesitate to contact our admissions office.


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