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Boarding at Stamford

Boarding at Stamford Boarding at Stamford is an integral and highly valued part of the Schools. Of our senior students, nearly 200 are boarders and 80% of them are from the UK. Full boarders and weekly boarders live together in well-appointed houses for boys and girls of different ages. In addition, there are three and four night boarding options available to help parents with their busy lifestyles. We also offer a two night week-end package for Friday and Saturday nights.

Stamford boarders have a variety of profiles and include:

  • Boarders from forces families. The Schools have a long history of working with families in the Armed Forces and we continue to provide a boarding offering that meets the needs of those families. Flexibility is important and families can work with the boarding parents to arrange time with their children according to ever changing schedules.
  • International boarders from countries including Russia, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Ghana, and China. The international community is a vital part of Stamford. Welcoming students from a range of countries is a privilege and our international boarders are a real inspiration to staff and pupils alike, bringing new cultural influences and international perspectives while being role models for independence.
  • Boarding at StamfordLocal boarders who are looking for an experience to prepare them for university and beyond (an increasing number of our day pupils become boarders in the sixth form).
  • For those travelling from London, we can provide weekly boarding with accompanied travel from Kings Cross on a Monday morning and returning on Friday evening. For busy families in London, where pressure to find the right school is high, this will be a great alternative with schooling in Stamford during the week and time at home every weekend.

“Being a boarder is one of the best decisions I have made. Not only am I constantly with my best friends but also I have learnt many different skills such as working independently, preparing me for later in life.” – Boarder at Stamford

“Flexibility is the key here. We did not want the rigidity of a typical boarding school. Stamford enables us to see our daughters whenever it suits us. That is so important when our schedules are so fluid.” – Parents of boarders at Stamford.

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