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Stamford School

Code of Conduct

Our sporting “Code of Conduct”

Thanks to the Stamfordians of the past, Stamford School enjoys an outstanding reputation and a fine sporting tradition. We carry the responsibility to nurture that tradition and enhance that reputation further.

We will conduct ourselves as honest, well-mannered gentlemen during all matches and competitions. We will all:

  • Show the highest standards of behaviour in never challenging the decisions of the referee/umpires/officials of the contest. He or she will be addressed politely and respectfully.
  • Shake hands and thank the referee/umpires/officials and the opposition for the contest.
  • Show the highest standards of behaviour in competing with members of the opposition.

We will set ourselves the highest standards of dress, both in and outside the competitive arena.

As spectators we will support enthusiastically the efforts of all our players and just as importantly respect the decisions of all match officials.

We will communicate effectively with our coaches and staff in any possible situations that may require absence (including a letter to the Headmaster).

We will give nothing less than 100% endeavour in our pursuit of winning whilst enjoying and improving Stamford School sport .

“When the one great writer comes to write against your name, He does not write if you won or lost but how you played the game.”


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