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Year 6 Block Officially Opened 

Dr Grime opens Year 6 block On Friday 18th September, Dr James Grime visited Stamford Junior School to open the new purpose-built Year 6 Building.

In May, Stamford Junior School celebrated the completion of its new Year 6 building (TARDIS) which has greatly enhanced the School’s provision for Year 6 pupils, and offers many academic and social benefits.

For the building’s official opening Dr James Grime was invited back to the schools after a successful workshop and lecture as part of the 2014-15 Foundation Lecture series. Dr Grime is a well-known mathematician with a personal passion for maths communication and the promotion of mathematics in schools.

Before the opening ceremony Dr Grime spoke to Year 6 pupils and parents about how a love of learning and our interests at an early age can have a great and defining impact on what we do later in life. As an example he spoke about Alan Turing, whose interests in particular fields of Science and Mathematics as a schoolboy went on to develop into some of his greatest findings. This is mirrored in the Stamford Endowed Schools’ emphasis on ‘Independent Learning, Intellectual Curiosity’ (ILIC). Having a dedicated Year 6 space allows teachers the flexibility to inter-weave group activities and other pursuits which encourage ILIC.

Head of SJS, Mrs Emma Smith said: “The new environment we have created will foster greater independence and provide more stimulation, allowing the pupils to move on to senior school confident in their abilities. Most importantly, we want the pupils to cherish their time in Year 6 and develop a lifelong love of learning.”