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Beach Party Theme Weekend

Stamford Junior School Beach PartyOn Friday 18th September and Saturday 19th September, Stamford Junior School held a beach party theme weekend for its children. 52 children from Years 4-6 (aged eight to 11) took part, providing a great opportunity for all three years to integrate, have fun and work as a team.

The children arrived on Friday looking as though they were about to catch a flight to Hawaii, whilst staff looked sophisticated in their co-ordinated flower leis. The choice of activities included making fruit cocktails and kebabs, making leis and flower headdresses, and painting surfboards and a huge beach canvas. There was then a BBQ and a late afternoon swim, followed by a highly competitive and noisy limbo competition, dancing and team games.

Around half of the children stayed at St Michaels’ boarding house for swimming and a movie before going to bed, still excited from all the activities.   

On Saturday, the children were split into two groups, taking turns at swimming and making enormous holiday postcards using paper mosaic. After a battered sausage and chips lunch, the children took turns at learning to play volleyball, French cricket and boules, and conducted water experiments to test the theories of Archimedes.

Overall, the children had a great time during the diverse, fun and exciting weekend. Pupil Briony Holdsworth said ‘I love our theme weekends because the whole thing is fun!’ Pupil Olivia Taylor added ‘Learning to surf and limbo was really cool.’