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International Best-Selling Author Visits Students

 andy mcnabFormer SAS Sergeant and international best-selling author Andy McNab visited the Stamford Endowed Schools on June 4th to speak to students in Years 8, 9 and 10. During his inspirational talk Andy described how he had joined the army after seeing a recruiting film, whilst he was in borstal (an institution for young offenders). It was only when he went to the Army education system that he discovered he had a reading age of 11. When Andy had finished reading the first book he had been asked to read, an officer told him “Today everything changes.” Andy explained how being able to read gives people knowledge, which in turn leads to having choice and opportunity.

The boys asked Andy many questions afterwards about his army career and his life as a writer.

After the hour-long session, Andy stayed for tea with the book group, over thirty boys discussed Andy’s writing with him whilst enjoying tea and splendid cakes.

Year 8 pupil, Alex Middleton, said: "I found his story really inspiring – the fact that he started off as a criminal in a juvenile detention centre who could barely read or write and ended up an SAS hero and successful writer is amazing."