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Students Impress Cummins with Renewable Energy Project

 Engineering education scheme Four Year 12 students from the Stamford Endowed Schools were invited to Cummins Generator Technologies to present their Engineering Education Scheme project. Thomas Lane, Francesca Pye, Douglas Hunter and Thomas MacDonald presented their project, ‘design and build a pig farm model to demonstrate renewable energy’, to six engineers of the international company. The engineers are part of a team involved in a Microgrid venture with local schools.

The aim of the project was to supply renewable energy generation to a pig farm, not connected to the national grid. The project required a model needed to demonstrate the solution that can be used for educational purposes. The main components of the model comprised of solar panels, a wind turbine and a generator. Cummins intend to use the model in primary schools to demonstrate the different ways that renewable energy can be harnessed.

The team gave a presentation to six engineers and then were asked detailed questions about how the model worked. The team were congratulated on their model, presentation and knowledge.

Katherine Hawkswell, Maths Teacher at Stamford School, said: “The engineers pressed how eager they were to get more involved with pupils from the Stamford Endowed Schools in the future with STEM projects and the Engineering Education Scheme. We would like to thank Cummins for their generosity, interest and for the experience the pupils gained.”