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SES Welcomes Sculptor Alex Chinneck

 Artist, sculptor and designer Alex Chinneck, visited Stamford Endowed Schools on 3rd March, to talk about his installations that have been captivating the nation.

Alex Chinneck is a British artist who has been gaining notoriety with his large-scale architectural installations, which take shape around ideas of illusion, with everyday objects and materials. In a talk for the SES Art Department’s students, and their families, Alex spoke about the methods behind a selection of his most well-known works. This included “From the Knees of my Toes to the Belly of my Nose”; a house in Margate for which Alex created a sliding brick façade. As well as, a ‘levitating’ building that sat in Covent Garden for a month, and “A Pound of Flesh for 50p” in Bankside; a life-size house made entirely of wax.

In his address, Alex spoke about the collaborative process of his artwork, using a support team who come from different backgrounds, for example engineers, set builders and sculptors. He also emphasised the importance of impermanence, the need for public art to be fully accessible and how, quite plainly, he wants to make ordinary things, extraordinary.

To see more examples of Alex’s work visit his website at this address: