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Team Racing Success at Oxford Sailing Club 

sailing team success in oxfordStamford 1st team sailors achieved another first this weekend reaching Gold Fleet A at the prestigious RYA Eric Twiname Team Racing National Championship held at Oxford Sailing Club. Team racing is a complex sport requiring sailing speed and a lot of tactical sailing over two very long days; this mix of physical and mental skills is perhaps why it’s a major university sport. 

Capitalising on the hours spent drilling tactic last year, the team won 8 out of 10 of their races on Saturday - including those against top teams Winchester and Oakham as well as against invitations teams comprising top fleet racing sailors. Sunday brought very light winds and Stamford suffered from their lack of experience in Fireflies but they finished 6th overall (4th school team) which was an incredible result in a very competitive event. It builds on their success at the BSDRA Finals in the summer as well as their victories over Oundle and Uppingham last month and shows that they have now established themselves firmly as a team to contend with in this most complex of sports.

(Team pictured - Jess Flint, Sam Leedham (c), James Hayes, James Leetch, Tom Proffitt and Jem Leedham)