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High School Raises Funds For Shelterbox

Stamford High School Charity Fundraising

There was an air of anticipation as the school gathered in the hall, to the sound of joyous Central American music, with a large green box on stage. Pupils and staff had worked hard throughout the year to raise funds for the international charity, ShelterBox, with Fair Trade snack sales, a craft fair, a Green Fair and a Rag Day. We had collected a grand total of £1400. George Hetherington and Vanessa Havener, from Stamford St Martins Rotary Club, had come to collect the cheque on behalf of ShelterBox (a non political and non denominational charity originally started by a Cornish Rotary Club), and they had brought a ShelterBox with them! George and Vanessa told us about the history of the charity, and how the boxes were often the first help to arrive in disaster areas, each box providing everything necessary for 10 people to survive after losing their homes due to floods, earthquakes, tsunamis etc.

But what about that box on the stage? A surprise guest, Rob Persani, from Rutland Radio, appeared, and told us that he was setting us a challenge (one of his Friday Challenges to be broadcast on Rutland Radio)– that he was going to repack the contents of the ShelterBox in 3mins, and could the four year 10 volunteers beat him? So the box was unpacked and the contents examined – blankets, cooking pots, water containers, tent, tools and so on – until there were objects all over the stage. Surprisingly, Rob managed, with much encouragement from the pupils, and expert commentary from Mr Clift, to just finish within the time limit – sitting firmly on the box to get the lid closed at the last second. After a second unpacking, it was the turn of the four year 10 volunteers to pack against the clock. They managed well within the time limit, and they did not have to sit on the box to close it!

Finally, Vanessa accepted the cheque from Miss Heaton, our charities organiser, and told us the exciting news that Stamford St Martins Rotary Club had decided to add to our donation so that three ShelterBoxes could be purchased.