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SHS Students Support Refugee Week

 refugee week fundraiser Year 11 students from Stamford High School had a stall at Stamford Market last week, where they set out to raise awareness and funds for Refugee Week. As the Red Cross are a participating charity of Refugee Week, as well the High School’s international charity this year the girls were challenged to support this cause.

Over the year, the students made items to sell from reused materials including bird feeders, rag rug pot stands and jewellery. They also bagged up bird feed, potted up cacti and other pot plants and decorated cakes. The girls who helped out on the stall were mainly from Year 11 (Alice Cato, Grace Cato, Claudia Riddington, Hen Teasedale-Brown, Fran Glover, Anna Billington and Molly Parkinson), as well as Green Prefect Zoe Wilson from Year 12.

The girls gave out information cards about the Red Cross’ work with refugees, and free cloth ‘Mors’ bags that they had made over the year out of reuse fabric - something they had decided to do to raise awareness of the colossal amounts of plastic bags used globally. The girls had a great time talking to customers and to other stall holders and especially enjoyed giving out their free Mors bags and explaining the reasons behind them - they even took the bags along the market, distributing them to unsuspecting shoppers - this is known as 'Guerilla Bagging'!

After a morning of hard work at Stamford Market, the students raised £150 for Refugee Week.