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Stamford School Hosts Rocket and Space Day

 rocket and space dayThis week the Stamford Ogden Trust Partnership held its first event, a rocket and space day, in the grounds of Stamford School. The Ogden Trust works to promote and support the teaching of physics in schools and the Stamford partnership consists of Queen Eleanor School (Hub co-ordinator); Stamford Endowed Schools; New College Stamford and Malcolm Sargent School.

Pupils from Queen Eleanor School and Malcolm Sargent came to Stamford School on Monday (24th) for a full day of exciting physics. The day was split into three sessions including a National Space Centre Workshop, planetarium dome and a rocket building session. During the workshop the students worked in groups where they had the opportunity to control a Lego robot version of a Mars Rover. In the planetarium dome the pupils had a tour of the star constellations and they listened to a talk about the life cycle of stars. The highlight of the day was the rocket building session where the students had the chance to build chemical rockets. Unfortunately, due to the windy conditions, they were unable to launch their rockets so they launched non-chemical rockets using a pressure launcher instead.

Chris Brace, Head of Physics at Stamford School, said: “The rocket and space day was an excellent way for the schools to come together and enjoy physics. We are looking forward to working together and developing many more exciting physics activities for pupils in Stamford.”