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Author Marcus Sedgwick Inspires Students

 marcus sedgwick As part of MAD Week at the Stamford Endowed Schools, award winning author Marcus Sedgwick visited Stamford High School to talk to Y9 and Y10. Marcus began his talk by promoting the job of writer as the best means of earning a living in the world – lots of “thinking” time spent on the sofa, staring out of the window; the need to watch the first “Star Wars” film to help cure writers’ block; the ability to earn money without doing anything when your books are translated into other languages and sold overseas.  Any students that had previously doubted the value of English lessons may have been reconsidering their opinions!

Via the magic of PowerPoint the audience were transported into Marcus’ writing shed in his garden.  Students were invited to select artefacts displayed in this work place and the author revealed the connections between the items and his stories.

One student chose a seemingly innocent picture of a kitten with a ball of wool. This lead to a discussion about the characteristics of vampires, and the reading of a disturbing passage from “My Swordhand is Singing.” The girls then had the opportunity to get their books signed. All in all everyone thoroughly enjoyed an insightful afternoon.