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Sixth Form Debate Funding of the Arts

 sixth form debate Should the arts pay their way? Do we need culture? Are museums, music, plays, dance and sculpture just a luxury in today’s economy? As part of SES MAD week, students enjoyed discussing the topical motion “This House would cut all government funding of the arts”. A large audience from Years 9, 10 and 12 enjoyed a very entertaining debate proposed by Stamford School debating captains, Joseph Begley and Matthew Kew and opposed by Arran Cunningham and Jimmy Zak, an Old Stamfordian who is now running his own debating society at his school in the U.S. The main speeches were followed by some feisty contributions from the floor in support of the opposition, but after an audience vote, chair Matthew Green announced a marginal victory for the proposition, leaving funding of the arts to the whim of private investors!