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Pupils Take Part in Physics Competition

 Four pupils from Stamford High School took part in a physics competition at Uppingham Community College with 22 other school teams from around the region. Y9 pupils; Gemma Andreae, Charlotte Crombie, Kayleigh Waterman and Olivia Cavalieri, were selected to take part in the Institute of Physics competition, which was sponsored by the Ogden Trust.

The girls spent three hours performing a series of experiments and investigations involving a wide range of topics including electrostatics, motors and generators and solar energy. They were then required to produce a poster illustrating the physics principles behind one of their experiments and to prepare a presentation to explain the ideas further. The teams were assessed on how well they performed each task and then the top four schools were required to give their presentations to the assembled groups. The girls from Stamford High School performed consistently well and were delighted to finish in third place.

Whilst the judging was taking place, the students were treated to a spectacular series of demonstrations packed with intriguing physics ideas. The demonstrations were ably conducted by a team of sixth formers from various schools around the country. This team, aptly named 'The Magnificents' consisted of students recommended by their teachers and included Brooke Chapman (Y12) from Stamford High School.  They had spent a weekend being trained by the Institute of Physics organisers before going on tour for a week to help with the running of this competition at various venues across the country.

Physics teacher from Stamford High School, Anne Wenban, said: “The girls worked really hard throughout the competition and were great ambassadors for the school. Well done!”