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Students to report from Rockingham Racecourse!

 Ginetta racing carAfter a fascinating presentation from Ginetta and Michelin UK, two Stamford High School students, Beth Sharp (Y11) and Bethany Gunther (Y8), have been selected to become journalists for the day at the Ginetta Junior Championships at Rockingham Racecourse.

The Junior Academy of Media (JAM), powered by Michelin and Ginetta, is aimed at secondary school students aged from 12 to 16 years and offers young people the chance to learn about the breadth of careers within motorsport. JAM was presented to SHS students by media experts from Ginetta and Michelin UK with the aid of one of their own racing cars. After an inspiring assembly, the girls were tasked with writing a report about what they had learned from the motorsport companies.

After winning the competition, Beth and Bethany will be creating media reports from the Rockingham Circuit on Saturday. They will have exclusive driver and venue access, and then their reports will be uploaded onto the JAM website and shared via Social Media. Look out for the SHS girls reports here next week: