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SHS Support Jeans for Genes Day

 Jono Lancaster jeans for genes Stamford High School students were visited by the charity Genetic Disorders UK and one of their ambassadors, Jono Lancaster, ahead of Jeans for Genes Day last week. The charity prepared a special assembly for Y8/9 where they explained the role of the charity and how its work helps the sufferers of the 6500 different genetic disorders. Then Jono, who suffers from Treacher Collins Syndrome, explained the personal impact of the condition on him, and how the support that Jeans for Genes offers would have assisted him in making contact with other sufferers. Jono’s story made the students really think about how people can overcome such challenges and develop a sense of self-esteem despite their difficulties.

Anne Johnstone, Head of Biology at SHS, said: “Jeans for Genes Day is a really worthwhile cause – it helps support individuals and their families with genetic disorders. The charity also enables sufferers with rare conditions to make contact with others in similar situations. The girls were very moved by the work of Genetic Disorders UK and they have thoroughly enjoyed raising money for such an inspirational charity.”