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Mystery Solving in Y7 History

 tollund manStrange goings on have been seen in the History block at Stamford High School over the last two weeks and Year 7 have been called in to help. A dead body has been discovered!

As part of an introductory ‘What is history?’ unit, Year 7 have been investigating a crime scene. Acting as Police Investigators they have been presented with a model of the Tollund Man – a naturally mummified corpse which was discovered in Denmark in the 1950. The students were also presented with pieces of evidence, which included the contents of his stomach! With great relief it was quickly established that he was in fact over 2000 years old. Theories abounded as to how he had died. Was it a Murder, an Execution or a Sacrifice? Could they solve the mystery of Tollund Man?

The purpose of the lesson was to develop the girls understanding of the nature of historical study. They have had to ask questions, evaluate the evidence and identify and analyse different interpretations to reach their own conclusion. Indeed acting as ‘real historians’.

History teacher at Stamford High School, Amanda Rackham, said: “The girls really enjoyed the whole experience and were able to write up their conclusions after evaluating the evidence. Tollund Man will be on display in the History department on Open Day.”