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Historian Delivers Foundation Lecture at Burghley House

 Suzannah Lipscomb LectureThe first Stamford Endowed Schools Foundation Lecture of this academic year was delivered by award-winning academic, historian and TV presenter, Dr Suzannah Lipscomb.

The Tudor period was brought alive by Dr Lipscomb’s fascinating talk titled “The Tudors: The Dynasty That Made Us” which she delivered from the iconic Great Hall at Burghley House. Dr Lipscomb discussed the Tudor Dynasty and how the legacy lives on in modern society. She enthralled the audience with tales of Henry VIII’s court and how his power would change England forever. She painted a captivating picture of what it would have been like to live in Tudor England and how the personal affairs of Henry VIII influenced the progress of the Reformation.

Dr Lipscomb has a double first in BA History and a distinction in her MSt in Historical Research from Lincoln College, Oxford and DPhil in History from Balliol College, Oxford, where she was a Jowett Senior Scholar. Her books include 1536: The Year that Changed Henry VIII (2009) and A Visitor’s Companion to Tudor England (2012).

The audience left Burghley House feeling inspired as Dr Lipscomb brought her talk to a close by explaining her current role as Senior Lecturer of Early Modern History at the New College of Humanities, which was founded by Professor AC Grayling. For more information see