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Y11s Attend Chemistry Camp at York University

 salters chemistry campEarlier this year, two Y11 students, Katie Lumb and Megan Stoker, took part in a three day Salter’s Chemistry Camp at York University. The camp involved a great selection of challenging experiments, as well as a fascinating lecture, and the students gained a valuable insight into university life. The girls report on their experiences below in their own words:

On the first day, everyone was split into groups, before undertaking the first activity, determining the percentage of copper in a 2p coin. This introduced us to new techniques such as titrations and we also used an ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer on various solutions. In the evening, after enjoying a delicious meal from the university canteen, the students took part in a science trail around the campus as well as a chemistry quiz.

On the second day, we learnt about chemiluminescence, and used this to discover which out of four tablets was contaminated, which involved doing a titration in the dark room! In the afternoon, we explored the chemistry of art where we made our own paint pigments from a variety of chemicals, and then used our own paint to create colourful pictures.

On the final day, we were introduced to clock and oscillating reactions, and once we had understood the principles, we were challenged to time our reactions to the second in a group competition.

During the course, we stayed on campus in the comfortable university accommodation, and were given many opportunities to use complex techniques and learn about advanced theories. All in all, it was a very enjoyable experience, and it gave us a brilliant introduction into life at university as well as studying chemistry at a higher level.