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Hundreds Enjoy Bioscience Festival

Big biology day stamfordThe inaugural bioscience festival, ‘Big Biology Day’, at Stamford High School was a resounding success. Nearly 800 people attended the community event and many spent in excess of 3 hours experiencing the different activities. Dr Leahy with his amazing zoo bus, allowed people to encounter a variety of reptiles and arthropods and even the Mayor had an encounter with a corn snake! Visitors had the opportunity to make cells from biscuits, bracelets of different animal DNA and learn about the effects of increasing acid in the oceans on marine life.

The evening before the Big Biology Day saw Dr Leahy deliver a very successful Foundation Lecture where he gripped the audience with riveting anecdotes on his beyond-close encounters with parasites, whilst also illustrating the devastating impact they have in some countries.

Anne Johnstone, Head of Biology at Stamford High School said: “I was overwhelmed by the support from the people contributing to the event as well as those who attended. Everyone’s feedback was very positive.”

Dr Emma Sayers from the British Ecological Society said: “Stamford’s Big Biology Day was better than the one we were involved in at the Natural History Museum.’