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Award Winning Author Inspires Y11s

 Award-winning author, Meg Rosoff, visited Stamford High School where she spoke to Y11 students about her fascinating life. 

On discovering that Meg Rosoff won the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize in 2004 for her debut novel “How I Live Now”, you might assume she has had an increasingly successful life since she entered Harvard, one of the USA’s most prestigious universities, at 18. But along the way there have been several “T junctions”, when her life may have turned out very differently had she made other choices.

This was the theme of Meg’s talk to Y11 girls on Friday 17th January.  “Your life does not need to follow a straight, predictable path” – there is time and space for mistakes and alternative routes, and opportunities should be grasped. In Meg’s case the alternative routes included leaving Harvard part way through her degree course and moving to London.  She recounted the tale of buying a hat she didn’t need because someone had commented in the shop on how much it suited her.  At a party later that day, the man who was to become her husband noticed her across a crowded room because of that hat.

After the talk, one Y11 student commented: “I was enjoying listening to the author so much but I glanced behind me in the lecture theatre to see how other people were reacting. Everyone was gripped by what Meg was saying.”

Amanda Virgo, Stamford High School Librarian, said: “I think that is an indication of the talent of this remarkable woman, her ability to pitch her writing and spoken words so accurately at a young adult audience.”