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Code Club is a Success at SJS

 computer coding at Stamford Junior SchoolFrom September 2014, every child in England will have to learn computer coding as part of the national curriculum. ICT co-ordinator at Stamford Junior School, Mr Sutterby, set up a coding club for Y5 pupils a year in advance and since then the pupils have been learning how to code and program using online programming software. They have also been supported by volunteer ICT specialists from local businesses.

The pupils have completed projects to create their own games and animations, (including ‘Whack a Witch’) and learnt how they work. When problems arise, the pupils work collaboratively to debug their code so that the sprite performs as required.

Mr Sutterby said: “The pupils have quickly understood the coding language and have developed this further at home with their own projects, including a drum kit with animal noises.”

In the summer term the program will be incorporated in to the Year Six scheme of work.