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Stamford School Compete In Eco-Marathon

Stamford School at the Eco-MarathonOn 23rd June 2010, at Rockingham Speedway, Stamford School competed in the Shell Eco-marathon Youth Challenge against 22 other school teams from across the UK. In this national driving competition, speed is sacrificed for efficiency.  This was the first year Stamford School has entered the competition, where last year the average mileage was 989 mpg in a car built and driven by students - 38 times more efficient than a Ford Mondeo!

The Shell Eco-marathon competition challenges 11-16 year olds to design, build, and test fuel efficient vehicles.  Pupils aim to complete the course at the Rockingham Motor Speedway using the least fuel possible whilst maintaining a minimum speed of 15mph. This year the event is truly international with the UK teams being joined by guest teams from universities in France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, who are there to refine their models for the European event in 2011.
Shell has been running Eco-marathon events for over thirty years and they are specifically designed to encourage the engineers of tomorrow to continue with their studies of science and engineering subjects.
Marc Livingstone, Head of Design Technology at Stamford School said “The Eco-marathon team - consisting of Y12s George Sharman and Alex Williams, Y11 Eric Smith, Y10s Angus Smith, Tom Oakes, Lewis Ferrari and Jamie Sergeant, Y7s Sam Leedham and George Baker - were an outstanding team over the two days at Rockingham, as well as the weeks and months they put into manufacturing the car, achieving 7th out of 24 in our engine class. A superb result!”