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Junior School Pupils Learn About Bee Keeping

Stamford Junior School Bees TalkOn Wednesday 23rd June, Dr Maister (the Grandmother of one of the Reception children) came in and talked to the children in Reception and KS1 about bees and bee-keeping. As part of this term’s ‘Minibeast’ topic, the Reception classes have been learning about bees so her visit was perfectly timed. Dr Maister is herself a bee-keeper and she brought in one of her hives (without the bees!) to show the children how it was made. 

The children learnt the different names for each part of the hive and the jobs that different bees do. She then chose one of the children to dress up in a bee-keeper’s outfit and talked about how the bees make honey.

Dr Maister also talked about the different ways that we can attract bees into our gardens and then passed around a selection of honeycombs that had come from her hives.