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Pupils take part in Native American Day

 native american day at the junior schoolOn Saturday 26th April, 12 pupils from Stamford Junior School enjoyed a Native American Day organised by Director of Outdoor Education at the Stamford Endowed Schools, Mr Edd Smith. The day began with the children splitting up into 2 tribes, the Eagles and the Hawks. 

After being assigned a tribe, the pupils then designed and created their own headdresses and face markings. Mr Smith demonstrated how a spear was made and set up a trail, which the children were able to follow to hunt down a ‘buffalo’. The children were also shown how to build a tepee and both tribes managed to build one before lunchtime.

After lunch, Mr Smith showed the children how to build a campfire and the children were then able to cook their ‘buffalo meat’ (sausages) on the campfire. The children were very excited about this and everyone wanted to cook more.

Stamford Junior School teacher, Gaynor Mullock, said: “This was a fantastic day and the children went home wearing their headdress and carrying their very own spear! Our sincere thanks go to Mr Smith for putting together such an exciting day and to the staff who ably assisted in all the activities.”