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Visit to Eco-schools Show 2010

Three new sixth form Green Prefects, 3 Green Reps from the lower school and three members of staff from Stamford High School spent an exciting and stimulating morning at the Eco-Schools Show in Peterborough. They all came back with lots of ideas that they would like to put into practise in the next school year:
* raise money for Green Group activities from collecting cartridges and clothes for recycling.
* monitor water use by checking meters over an allotted period of time and then encourage people to reduce water use.
*calculate the Carbon Footprint of SHS
* if water monitoring is successful, try to monitor energy use and encourage energy use reduction at SHS.
* gardening - inspired by the free seeds from the show! Using some of the raised beds in the Memorial Garden at SHS, the group will aim to grow some vegetables and perhaps experiment with protecting them over the winter with “plastic bottle greenhouses”. They could also grow insect attracting flowers and perhaps site some “bug houses”.
*recycling – There are new recycling bins in the playground in which a large range of items can be recycled, including paper, card, plastic, metal etc. This makes the original paper recycling boxes in the rooms inadequate. Each room really needs two bins – one for recycling and one for non recyclable rubbish. The bins would need to be labelled with laminated labels (recycling information on one side and a recycling logo on the other three sides).This would be a good initial project for the Green Group at the start of term.
So looking forward to a Green New Year at SHS!