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Pirate Day is Great Success at SJS!

 pirate dayAt the end of the spring term, 19 very excited pirates came into Year 1 ready for their Pirate Themed Day. The day began with each child showing their costume and telling everyone their pirate name. Then they all designed pirate flags using the computers. The children were given the opportunity to decorate their own pirate mini toy key ring, make treasure maps and ‘Wanted’ posters, play with an assortment of pirate games, complete a tricky pirate puzzle and make up their own pirate games in the role play area.

Great fun was had making strawberry blood sandwiches, ships biscuits with weevils and pirate ships with cream cheese and raisins. The final game was ‘pass the pirate treasure’ parcel. At the end of the day the pirates all enjoyed the snacks that they had made for each other. ‘It was the best day ever’ one pirate was heard to say as the pirates left to go home!