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Students Runners-up in Engineering Education Scheme

 Engineering Education Scheme Four students from the Stamford Endowed Schools have successfully completed their yearlong project as part of the Engineering Education Scheme. The scheme acts to link sixth form students with local companies to give the young people practical experience of the engineering industry.

Cummins Generator Technologies collaborated with the Stamford Endowed Schools to enable Engineering students to take part in this challenging project. They tasked the students with the project of designing a renewable energy demonstration model for a farm.

Year 12 students; Thomas Lane, Francesca Pye, Thomas MacDonald and Douglas Hunter were selected to take part in the prestigious scheme. Throughout the year the scheme has opened up many opportunities to the students, from attending the Big Bang Fair to receiving British Association (BA) CREST Awards. The culmination of the student’s hard work and determination was seen at the celebration day at Cranmore Park, Solihull. They received a runners-up prize from the assessment panel and Cummins were so impressed with the model that the team are to do another presentation to the company in June.

Katherine Hawkswell, Maths teacher at the Endowed Schools, said “The students should be really proud of themselves; they have produced a professional project and have continued to challenge themselves throughout the year.”