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School Celebrates Best Ever A-Level Grades

Students at the Stamford Endowed Schools: - Stamford School (boys) and Stamford High School (girls) - are celebrating their best ever A level examinations.

Overall the 193 students gained top grades of A*, A or B in 76% of their examinations (up from 70% last year). 47% of examinations taken were passed at A* and A grade and an impressive 92% of examinations were passed at A, B or C grade standard. This is the first year of the A* at A level and 86 were gained.
Principal of the Stamford Endowed Schools, Mr Stephen Roberts said
Stephen Roberts, Principal of the Endowed Schools, said "Our Sixth Form has proven once again why it is such a popular choice for students in the region, with the achievement of an outstanding set of A-Level results. These exceptional results are the culmination of hard-work and determination from our highly motivated students and the support and dedication of our teaching staff. Having strong A-Level grades will open the door to the next stage of education for our pupils, and for those pursuing other paths, give them a strong advantage in the job market. I am very proud of all of our students and our teaching staff for maintaining our high academic standards, and I wish all of our departing students every success in the next stage of their educational journey."
Out of the total of 193 students, 59 (about 1 in 3 of all students) gained at least 3 A grades:
Nadia Allan, Timothy Anders, Jennifer Arthur, Jack Atkinson, Imogen Beech, Suzanna Bliss, Edward Cameron, David Carter, James Chin, Olivia Cliff, Phoebe Cliff, George Cliffe, Helen Cox, Adam Cox, Ophelia Crawford Clarke, Emily Davies, Eleanor Davies, Ella Delaney, Sami Doyle, Sam Durrant, Sarah Fancourt, Hugh Ford, Rachel Garratt, Emma Gibbard, Elizabeth Griffin, Charles Griffin, Eloise Hardy, Sophie Harrap, Bing Qian Huang, David Jordan, Samuel Kapila, Alice Leech, Joseph Lemon, Nathalia Marotta, Pascale Mintern, Emily Morgan, Sarah Morrow, Sophie Nicholls, Helena Painter, Rebecca Pike, Alastair Pinder, Nicholas Reiss, Francesca Riley, Jessica Roads, Holly Rowlands, Natalie Scrupps, Ben Searle, Nehal Shah, Kevin Sharp, Rostislav Shilov, Faye Simpson, Reuben Slater, Alexander Smith, Sally-Ann Smurthwaite, Laura Tope, Daniel West, Todd Whitby, Thomas Williams, Georgina Yea
Stamford High School (girls)
Entered 104 students      
% A*+A+B grades = 75%
% A-E grades (i.e. pass) = 100%
Stamford School (boys)
Entered 89 students
% A*+A+ B grades = 76 %
% A-E grades (i.e. pass) = 99.6%