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Pupils Enjoy Outdoor Learning Workshops

 chris holland outdoor learningPupils from Stamford Junior School took part in a series of outdoor learning workshops led by Environmental Scientist and Teacher, Chris Holland. Chris is a leading inspiration in the field of nature connection and creative outdoor learning. He travels the world encouraging families, schools and businesses to engage with and interpret nature. The workshops were based on current curriculum topics and looked at ways of deepening the pupils understanding by taking some of the learning outside.

The feedback from both the teachers and children involved was incredibly positive. The children enjoyed using the natural resources available in the beautiful school grounds and participated in a wide range of activities from map-making to creating animals from clay, twigs and leaves and building their habitats.

One teacher said: “It was interesting to notice the Independent Learning and Intellectual Curiosity (ILIC) collaboration and initiative presented by different children. It was also wonderful to see how ‘the great outdoors’ can inspire the children.”