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Year 3 Have a Lesson in Safety

 hazard valley Last Thursday Year 3 children from Stamford Junior School enjoyed a trip to Milton Keynes Safety Centre- Hazard Alley.

Scenes from the home, countryside, farms, rivers and canals, train lines, petrol stations and building sites as well as road safety are set up for the children to experience. They are escorted around each one and have the opportunity to observe and discuss what they see.

The real-life scenarios include a telephone box in which the children make a 999 call. They report an emergency and the telephone is answered by an ‘operator’ in the centre. The calls are all recorded and we are able to watch them back at school.

Each scenario uses sounds and smells to recreate a more realistic environment.

This gave the staff and pupil’s lots of opportunities to use ILIC, particularly collaboration, initiative and reflecting on behaviour which has formed part of the PSHE work this year.