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Children Make Sweet Treats!

 sweet treats activity morning Pupils from Stamford Junior School enjoyed the final Saturday activity morning of the year as they were tasked with creating an array of sweet treats.

During the morning the children made three different types of sweets starting with chocolate truffles. Once made, the truffles were put into the fridge to help them set whilst the children started making rice krispie marshmallow squares. This involved melting the marshmallows in a microwave oven and the children were able to see the marshmallows expand to at least twice their normal size before they melted. The krispies became sticky very quickly and the pupils had to move swiftly before the mixture set. The final sweets made were peppermint creams which proved very popular. Some of the mints were even decorated with edible food colouring.

The assorted sweets were then transported home in sweet boxes, made and decorated by the children, with a reminder to them to brush their teeth thoroughly after eating their sweet treats!