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High School Teacher Publishes US Election Book

 Roddy KeenanTeacher of Politics at Stamford High School, Roddy Keenan, has published his first book entitled ‘US Presidential Elections 1968 – 2008.’ The book describes the forty years following the 1968 presidential election and the significant changes that were made to the presidential nomination process.

Roddy has always encouraged his students to read a wide range of political books, however he found that there was often a dissatisfaction with the lack of books providing a narrative account of modern presidential races. As a result, Roddy decided to research the possibility of providing a single-volume account and, after six years his hard work has paid off.

Commenting on the relevant audiences of the book, Roddy said: “It has something to offer the general reader, be they a keen follower of politics or simply an occasional reader of politics and history. For example, during presidential election cycles, one might wish to gain a contextual understanding of the present campaign by familiarising themselves with past elections. Alternatively, it can be used simply as a reference book, suitable for someone to dip into in order to read about a certain campaign, find out how certain states voted, or observe how the demographic vote has changed over the years.”

Roddy has also written articles on the US electoral process that have been published in US newspapers, and in 2005, he had one of these cited on the floor of the US Senate by Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire.

If you would like to order a copy of ‘US Presidential Elections 1968 – 2008’ it can be purchased in hard copy on Lulu publishers site, while both the hard copy and the Kindle version can be bought on Amazon.