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CCF Army Section Challenged at Summer Camp

 CCF Army Training camp14 cadets from the Stamford Endowed Schools travelled to the Nesscliff Training Camp near Shrewsbury for this year’s summer camp.

The cadets ranged from inexperienced Year 10s on their first camp, to veterans who had done Combat Cadet, STANTA weekends and other camps. This enabled the younger cadets to learn quickly and gave the senior cadets a chance to practice their leadership skills.

The programme was very busy and intense. The SES cadets started off firing the air rifle, the No.8 .22 rifle, and the A2 Cadet Rifle on the DCCT and barrack range as well as being shown various other infantry weapon systems such as the 9mm Browning pistol and the 81mm mortar. The next day was spent engaging in various adventure training activities ranging from kayaking, grass boarding, archery, climbing, and laser tag. During the military skills day the cadets were put through their paces on the section attack range and were even shown how to attack a building.

The highlight of the camp was the 24 hour exercise during which the cadets practised their patrolling, section attacks and a night ambush. Unusually for the cadet world, the group were given trip flares, smoke and mini-flares, which added shock and awe to the whole experience.

Thanks go to two former cadets, Ellie and Sarah Johnson, who assisted with the camp, and thanks also go to Captains Dexter and Holdsworth for organising and running the trip. The following cadets took part: Josh Allen, Andrew Datson, Giorgio Rubbo, Duncan Westbrook, Ellen Campbell, Alex Cooper, Joe Delaney, Phoebe Grigg, Alice Hardie, Nick O’Grady, Rory Russell, Will Smith, Will Spiegl, and Emily White.