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Bronze Age Adventure at Flag Fen

 Flag fen Year 4Stamford Junior School’s Year 4 students took a trip to Flag Fen on Wednesday 17th September, to learn about life in the Bronze Age 3500 years ago as part of their Humanities study of Early Settlers.

After creating a timeline to establish the order of the different eras (‘RIBS’ – Roman, Iron Age, Bronze Age and Stone Age) the children enjoyed making clay pots in the Bronze Age style. They were then tasked with sorting various artefacts into the correct era: a flint hand axe, a spear head, a silver coin, an ancient safety pin, a ball of woad, a bronze arrow tip, string made from nettle, and a bone needle. They were then given a tour of the site, their guides talking them through the many uses of nettles, rushes, reeds and dandelions in food and drink, weaving, roofing and medicine to early settlers. Finally, the children were shown a re-created Bronze Age roundhouse made with daub walls and reed thatch roof. A gripping story around the fire in the roundhouse completed their informative and fun day out.