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Head Girls Surprise Meet in Alaska.

Henrietta and Sarah Outen, AlaskaPrevious Head Girl of Stamford High School, Henrietta Hammant, is currently attending Cambridge studying for a degree in Social Anthropology. She came to talk to girls of the school about research she’s been conducting for her dissertation, and a surprise High School reunion.

Henrietta recently returned from America’s northernmost town, Barrow, where she was researching the relationship between polar bears and the humans that live with them. In a talk addressed to current students of SHS, Henrietta discussed her observations of the town from an anthropological stand point. This included the trials of living life not only in a cold and isolated region, but in a place where everyone has a number of stories about when they’ve encountered a polar bear. She stayed in Barrow for some time, conducting interviews and visiting various museums, and she talked about the difficult and controversial issue of hunting, a necessity for the local community, and retold stories about waking up to find a giant paw resting on the outside of your tent.

As Henrietta made her way to Anchorage she discovered that she would be passing through at the same time as another former High School Head Girl, Sarah Outen. Sarah is currently travelling from ‘London2London’ by human power only, and has previously rowed solo across the Indian Ocean. With both women being in the middle of their own individual adventures the two met briefly in a coffee shop to swap stories on about their journeys. Henrietta was especially pleased with the unexpected meeting, remembering when Sarah started her previous excursion while she was still at school; “Sarah really embodies the sort of brave, adventurous spirit that everyone wants to have, and that I think is something of a trademark of the Stamford High School girl.”