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Local Juniors Enjoy Theatrical Lessons from GCSE Students

 theatre in education stamfordAs part of their GCSE drama assessments Year 11 students from the Stamford Endowed Schools visited local primary schools to perform plays for younger children, in the hopes of emphasising morals ranging from teamwork to saying no to peer pressure.

The boys and girls visited two of Stamford’s largest primary schools, Malcolm Sargent School and St. Gilbert’s C of E School to perform their ‘Theatre in Education’ shows to students from Years 3 and 4. The shows saw the likes of Captain Confidence, the Evil Dr Ruin-Your-Day and the Book-snatcher engage in battles where good always conquered over evil. The Drama students used slapstick comedy and an exaggerated melodramatic style to enthral the younger children whilst also delivering valuable lessons. In addition to the shows all of the GCSE students ran drama workshops for the younger children which allowed them the opportunity to participate in a range of drama activities.

Head of Drama, Anneke Davies, said: “The days were excellent fun and teachers from across the two schools were very impressed by the character and confidence of the SES Students in their dealings with the younger students.”