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U18 Netball Team Crowned District Champions

 U18 Netball Kesteven District Champions The U18 netball team were lucky to have two successful warm up games ahead of their first tournament on the road to the national netball finals. The team’s first stop was the district tournament held at St Georges Academy. Hit with poor weather the tournament was played indoors which meant shorter matches. There was no room for errors and the number of goals would be key to their success should the result be determined on goal difference.

The first game against St Georges saw the girls’ storm away with a fantastic lead with approximately a goal a minute being scored. On a high the team then faced KGGS Grantham who worked hard to keep the SHS girls out of their attacking third. Again victorious the Stamford team went into the third game buzzing. Although they didn’t score as highly the girls still managed to keep a clean score sheet to the credit of Maddie Munro-Hall, Amy Briggs and Molli Cleaver in defence. The final SHS game against William Roberston had looked to be the hardest though the whole afternoon had caught up with their team. SHS once again packed in the goals with fantastic shooting from Honor Munro-Hall, Tori Martin and Eliza Kay. Phoebe Archer the school’s netball captain led her team to success and they were deservedly crowned district champions. The U18 team now go on to represent South Kesteven at the county tournament held at SHS on Wednesday 12th November.