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Year 5 Explore Edale

 Edale rock climbing Year 5 pupils from Stamford Junior School travelled to the Peak District where they spent three days at the Edale Youth Hostel.

At the start of the trip, the Junior School group visited the Blue John Caves where one child remarked: “This is the best residential I have ever been on…and it’s only just the start!” After they visited the caves, the children enjoyed a cross country walk back to the Youth Hostel.

The pupils took part in a number of team building exercises including canoeing, weaselling through small gaps in rocks, abseiling, treasure hunting in the dark over hilly and boggy terrain, and problem solving. The abseiling in particular, tested their bravery as they lowered themselves off an 80 foot disused railway bridge which had a very full river below.

All children gained a real sense of achievement during the trip and were extremely proud of themselves. This new level of confidence and maturity has since been reflected in the classroom.