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SES Questions the Future with Richard Watson

 richard watson Dr Richard Watson, futurist author and speaker, visited the Stamford Endowed Schools on Thursday 24th November, for the last Foundation Lecture of the term.

Richard Watson has worked with many companies including The Ministry of Defence, London Business School, Cambridge University and others, to help them with scenario planning in such a rapidly changing environment. He is also the founder of and an author of four books about the future. Richard spoke to pupils, parents and the general public about five key factors that are going to shape the near future, and the knock-on effects these may have. Factors included the economic state of different countries and population changes, and issues as big as environmental deterioration to more personal aspects, such as mental health and the possibility of “Future Shock” – a difficulty in processing the boom of technological advances.

The Oswald Elliott Hall was packed out and Dr Watson left the audience gripped; as a young student asked quite plainly “Do you think the future will be good or bad?” to which Dr Watson replied, “The future is what you make it…So go out and create the future you want. If you see a problem, try and change it.”