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SHS Introduce Mentoring Scheme for Scholars

 SHS Hockey#Stamford High School have teamed up with Dukes Sports Travel to launch a brand new initiative, aimed at providing their top sportswomen with elite and professional Mentors during their school careers.

Olympic Hockey Bronze Medallist from the 2012 Games, Alex Danson, joined the PE Department and a selected group of parents from SHS for dinner at the school on Friday 9th January. Alex gave a passionate and inspiring address to launch the Elite Mentoring Programme to the parents of young ladies who the PE Department identified as being the ‘Top 5’ athletes in the school. These were, Sophie Skelton and Maeve Macdonald for Hockey, Maddie Munro-Hall for Netball, Katie Crowther for Swimming and Lottie Smith for Gymnastics.

The scheme, which is being piloted this term will see Alex Danson and Crista Cullen (both Hockey Olympic Medallists) as well as Tamsin Greenway (current England Netball star) and Marilyn Okoro (Commonwealth 2014 Athlete) act as Mentors for our top sportswomen. They will assist the girls in managing essential aspects of their respective sports, such as nutrition, psychology management and fitness as well as giving the girls support in managing their training programmes whilst maintaining their academic studies. Eventually, all sports scholars from Year 9 and above at SHS will receive this level of support.

Lucy Hornby, Head of Sport at Stamford High School said; “To have the names of some of the best sportswomen in the world backing this scheme just demonstrates how important a mentoring initiative like this can be in aspiring to top level sport. Our girls have worked extremely hard to get to where they are and with the added incentive of these inspirational ladies as their Mentors, they now have every possible chance to make it to the top- watch this space!”